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Searching for the BEST Fitness Workouts from around the World

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Rain Gained't Cease Me .. Exercise |


Exercise out with me every day within the Zgym!
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  1. Your workout is really very challenging but it really works .. I have a question .. there are lots of sports bra which bra you prefer for 34C size for these exercises???
    I searched bra but the are bouncing so I still can't choose the right one. .
    Plz tell if u can.. .. I will wait for your answer ☺

  2.  Still working this circuit into my rotations. Love the plyometric transitions, it makes the exercise more fun to do & feels like I get more oxygen as well by opening up the lungs. Thanks again

  3. how come you humans who put vids on youtube like tabat use a smalll little excercice mat & dont have terrible unbearable body aches ? everywhere like destroying your bones ? caus some humans or just me on earth? feelz horible * i use like nine or somethign excercie mats and maybe its not enough , how can you guys use only one and its not even big ? dont it hurt ? it feels like beign directly on the hard floor * what is better , many excercie mats, the bigger the confier , or just one ? sometimes you do some tabata exercices withoutexcerice mat, wouah!!!! isnt it dangeorus for the human bodies? 

  4. Awesome workout girl! I will subscribe with you in a few days! You're such an inspiration, you're the "soul" of Body Rock TV, you're irreplaceable. All the others are just cheap copies. You're the best! 🙂 Keep going the excellent work , Zuzka.

  5. hi from russia, siberia))) i've just done it.  it was really killing for me. at the end it takes me 15.42 minutes. i wanted to give up after 2nd round but forced myself till the end.

  6. I'm soo soo glad you're still doing this.  I was always a big fan of yours, even back when you were on… that other site.  So happy to see you here.  I'm ready to die of exhaustion working out to your vids again!  Ciao!

  7. I liked how the rain clips looked gritty and the color tone(s) were cool. On a side note- hi 5 to the camera man for the slo-mo shot at the end…hehehe. 

  8. I am so glad you did this.  We are doing a work out in my kickboxing class based on an older work out of yours.  When he demo'd the dive bomber I knew we weren't doing them the Zuzka way.  I'm happy to be able to prove that to him now!

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