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No Extra Emotional Consuming!! – espresso speak with Z!


web site:
Twitter: @ZuzkaLight
Instagram: ZuzkaLight
#nomoreee – share photos each time you handle to keep away from junk meals and emotional consuming!



  1. @Zuzka Light
    Are you Czech ??
    I just found Your channel…
    Appreciate & Love what You are Doing!!
    Thank You SO MUCH!!!
    … I am 1/2 Czech 💕
    My Dad 100% 😘

  2. I know I'm late in the game in the comments, but I wanted to say thank you for this video. Emotional eating and poor diet is what I was raised around. This really helped thank you Zuzka🐱😊

  3. I'm an emotional eater lol…
    I'm trying to get back to my fitness glory I was before. Muscles you could bounce a quarter off of haha.
    Starts one step at a time. This time around, I know what works…and I want to thank you for teaching me how to kick it up a notch on my workouts!!! ZuZuForeveeer!!!

  4. I used to be an emotional eater!  I'm not really sure how but after a long process, I no longer have emotional ties to food and I just eat what I want!  It's definitely freeing!

  5. Please let me know what happened to your marriage sorry, but I was wondering & looking for you back up on March i didn't find you until now on printeres ..iam glad you back tho,very happy for you
    YOU look so diferent & stronger i can tell you have a big change

  6. hi zuzka, I'm from mexico city and my english it's no so well, i have your zcut power cardio series and one calendar i justo wanna ask if there are more calender for that series or just only one. Thank you, you are amaizing!!

  7. i have the same problem, I am a emotional eater too. I gained weight from 58 to 67 in 10 weeks. I was operated and cant do fitness. out of frustration I've eaten…thumbs up for your challenge.

  8. Thank you Zuzka, I wish you had been around to help me in the 80's when I was working out in body building, but didn't have any good female fitness helps, and became very Bulimic. I now pay for those days with severe GERDS. But I am very thankful for your helps and advice to other women with your support. I know you help me and many others too. You are such a wonderful woman to watch and learn from.

  9. How amazing of you to be so authentic about your emotional eating!  Good on you girl! wow as far as i am concerned you look fantastic for an emotional eater… you have done an amazing job… thank you again for sharing!
    love your coffee talks as always have a great week, Zuzka! 

  10. Don't be sad. Jesus loves you. Yes, I'm ok saying that. 🙂 No food will fill the void that only He can fill. 🙂 I have an incredible story and I can say I honestly believe in what I'm saying. This video is great, but can I just mention that you're not an addict. Addiction implies you have no power. It takes away responsibility. I believe you live a life of empowerment. You're showing me workout videos that inspire me! So chuck addiction for bad habit. It's a habit that is strong but making is small and taking away its power is the first step. 🙂 food for thought ( pun! )

  11. I'm in but I have the very opposite problem – I do not emotionally eat…I don't eat at all when things become stressful. I always joke and say "this is my happy weight" because it's true. I eat when I'm happy and things are going well. I know people say that's not really a problem, but it is. It's still an addiction and learned behavior not to eat in times of stress and sadness.

  12. I love your exercises Z, but your advise on diet is absolutely terrible. You're trying to trick your brain when it says it's hungry. Basically you're teaching your viewers how to learn to starve themselves. I'm not worried about adults who watch you, I'm worried about young girls who don't know any better. Please re-search high carb low fat vegan lifestyle and start eating in abundance. There are a lot of professional athletes as well as bodybuilders who thrive on this lifestyle. Put a stop to counting calories!

  13. Lol, Zuzka you are unique "Emotional Eating Anonymous", you are so funny, lady :-). I wouldn't know what to do without you. And, yes, definitely, I am in for the 30 day challenge "nomoreee" 😉

  14. I find hard candies are fine to have when I'm in the mood for something sweet, werther's original and kopiko candies last a long time in my mouth and 1 is only around 20 calories. So I can have a few a day and it's not a big deal… as opposed to cookies, cakes etc add up to hundreds sometimes over a thousand calories.

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