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Searching for the BEST Fitness Workouts from around the World

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Bunny Slope Exercise #2 – one other exercise for whole newcomers


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  1. Thank you. Your amazing. I like how your positive but not overbareingly over energetic. I also like how you show how to do it first then do all the reps slower so we can keep up and give time inbetween body parts to breath and get a drink. I love these videos your amazing i just had a baby and trying to get into shape and your videos are helping me stay positive thank you again!!

  2. I'll echo several sentiments below and thank you for keeping things simple, easy to understand (I don't feel like I have to constantly keep an eye on my screen which is awesome), calm and not full of loud music or extra chatter. I also really like that you don't require a lot of extra props or equipment. MUCH appreciated, Zuzka! I just started today but already love your style. Can't wait to keep going! 🙂 xo

  3. I've been a ZGYM member for 1 1/2 years and two month ago had abdominal myomectomy surgery. Doctor released me to slowly get back into exercising and these workouts are just what I need. The ab section is killer for me right now so having to modify. The best part is I get to workout with you everyday again! I can't wait to have my strength back to follow your weekly workout schedules and challenge my personal best again. Thanks for creating this series of workouts.

  4. Thank you Zuzka! I am postpartum with my third baby. Before my pregnancy with number 3 I was keeping up with your challenging high intensity workouts and now I am rebuilding my strength. I am so grateful for these bunny slope workouts with your sweet personality. xoxo!

  5. I've notices on the previous video of this series she's barefoot, and she's wearing trainers on this one. Is it better to do it with your shoes on or does it make no difference? Any advice?

  6. This workout was just amazing but I'm afraid I did something wrong… the back part of my right leg REALLY hurts when I walk. I've started 2 days ago and I'm following the beginner program schedule. Is there anyone else who felt in a similar way at this point of the program?

  7. Kyle, 29 y/o guy here, on week 5, Day 3, Bunny slope #2 for third time. I thought it would be easy to beat my 15 minute time, but turns out the only thing that easy about it is how much harder it can be the faster you try to go. Got 12:55 and I'm sweating and breathing so much. I'm following along on with the progress tracker. I've already bought your book, and will definitely become a subscriber as well. Thanks for helping get me back in shape, eating better and beyond, Zuzka. Definitely gonna dump my gym membership as soon as I can. Can't wait till I can do the harder stuff.

  8. I love it. it was very tough. thank you . I did your killer leg series number one yesterday on youtube here. and my legs are quite sore so this was an awesome workout to shake out the lactic acid that built up in them. I am quite out of shape and I really am glad beyond words to tell you how much these are of benefit to those of us hypocritical hopefuls for exercising instead of watching them. I know exercise and have bookcases full of them multiple channels on youtube subscribed to and hundreds of Facebook groups and friends who are actual fitness athletes and do the work . I want to I do just over the years I have neglected so much that getting started again was and is a difficult task to say the least. I needed someone to hold my hand again and walk me through this. I haven't found anyone until I decided to do these and found ( pleasantly so ) that this is exactly what I was looking for . I am trying to do ea h number of bunny slope for the one week and then move on to the next one. it isn't easy giving up is a constant battle as work and family and time alone and Facebook and all other tasks jump and vi for my attention. and I have forgot God again..!!! I need organizational skills and I can see that in this last couple of days doing these I have gained a glimmer of desire that is an actual moving desire not a stagnate-hopeful-one-day desire. but a moving active let's go and I'm doing it Desire. You are calm cool slow and collected ,you explain the movement reps and rests and stretches. that's awesome . Thank you Zuzka.

  9. I like that you speak very calm during the work outs. Many fitness youtubers try to hard to sound energetic and bubbly or they chat way too much and I don't feel like watching their work out vid all the way to the end.

  10. Wow! I just did this workout.. Did not expect the lunges and squats to get my heart rate to 160. I had a baby a few months ago so am somewhat unfit. the stomach exercises were a killer!

  11. Hello! I love your workouts, your style is great 🙂 I was wondering if you do some extra workouts in the gym lifting heavy or you just get your body that strong and fit doing only your workouts? thank you!

  12. I'm so glad you started this series, Zuzka! I'd been doing the beginner workouts (cardio, strength, & kettlebell) but a month in I developed knee bursitis so have to cut back. This is perfect for me to start my workouts again! Love your workouts, even though I can never keep up with you, I always modify & definitely notice improvement the more I do them! So thank you!!!!

  13. I love doing this series in the morning when my bones and muscles are the tightest feeling. This is a gentler way for me to get moving and get some exercise in. Then later on I'll do something more intense. Thanks so much Z for this girl! xoxo

  14. Hi Zuzka, just did your workout.. It was challenging especially the legs and abs for me personally.. Thank you so much for doing this. I've been consistent and also with my diet. Thanks again. Blessings

  15. this was awesome. please do more videos for beginners. Also, can you please state what body part each workout is working or which muscles? that would help a lot than just kindly following the workouts. We would like to know what muscle it will help.

  16. thank you for doing this! as an exhausted 41 year old working mother of two who is desperate to retain some strength this is just what I need. I have tried your other workouts on occasion but they are too much for me so I always quit and feel like a failure!

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