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Searching for the BEST Fitness Workouts from around the World

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5 Minute Exercise #41 – Legs


Pleased 4th of July weekend!! I hope you will get pleasure from this exercise and if you’d like extra, subscribe to my channel and are available to my web site



  1. Hi zuka..! U look so gorgeous and most of the time i concentrate on ur legs calves.. It's so attractive sculpted legs… Actually i m so fascinat on ur legs calves… Would you please like to reply 💕

  2. Упражнения хорошие , у меня один вопрос почему она не правильно дышит? Или это сейчас считается правильным? Нас учили на усилии выдох, при приседе вверху выдох внизу вдох.

  3. Thank you Zuzka! I completed the 5 Minute Workout #40 – Butt one time thru before doing this workout with you. I could not keep up with you on this one, but I did trail not far behind. It was very difficult on the first exercise with the jump lunges and knees ups. Above my knees were burning so much. I enjoyed both workouts. They are working. And I have been doing quite well with the way I've been eating. Excess weight is coming off and muscle is building. I still have a good amount of work until I am shredded once again. Have a great day! 😀

  4. I have been working out already 6 months but only with this workout i feel my hearth really hard beating after. It is so hard that i'm almost scare. I wonder if this is normal, plz help

  5. Thank you Zuzka! I did this one and then did #43 butt and abs right after. I was super sweaty and I feel wonderful and sore 🙂 This one really got the muscles above my knees – I've always had "issues" there. I do cool down and warm up stretching. I did skip last Friday – 3 days skipped thus far – I seem to average 6 days a week exercising with you. Yesterday I did not work out with you, but I did do yoga and a bunch of squats and pistol squats and back leg kicks and raises. I will see you tomorrow morning! Have a fabulous day! 🙂

  6. Hi you look amazing could you please please please please tell us some exercise for losing fat at breast area or getting rid of the saggy breast excercises i really want to know about them and which we can do at home thank you lpve you

  7. zuzanna i know you use to do weight lighting videos before. PLEASE !!
    maybe you could bring some back but with some hybrid concepts since you have a good basis of knowledge on several different forms of exercise types.

  8. hello, zuzka, i write comics and was looking for inspiration for a new character, and my mom, being a fan since, was watching you and preparing for a workout herself and my head said BINGO! so im wondering if you would like to be in some of my comics. you would be kind of like a cross between the black widow (a russian spy hacker parkor-ist type lady) and yoda (a wise mentor that everyone respects and listens to.) its just a question, if its stupid, please gently tell me.

  9. wow, brutal
    was wearing 12lbs vest and did 6 rounds ( 6th round without the vest), took about 30 sec break to rewind the video every 5 min. It was great leg day workout. Cant wait to see how my legs will feel tomorrow :)))
    happy 4th!!!

  10. I'm just being lazy and can't workout like before I'm just melting in the sofa because its soo warm outside and I'm keep skipping my workouts. even this workout made me so sweaty. I'm feeling so weak and my energy gone I can't feel amazing after my workout anymore because I'm just sitting down and breathing after few exercises. Sorry if this comment sound so depressing but have any of you felt this way and what did you do to get back to your workouts

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