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Searching for the BEST Fitness Workouts from around the World

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5 Min Abs Exercise – At Dwelling Belly and Indirect Train Routine


Let’s get able to tone your abs and obliques with this 5 minute dwelling exercise. You’ll need a mat for this and you’ll really feel it working. However remember one of the best ways to get fab abs, is with vitamin, cardio and firming. Lucy xx



  1. Hi Lucy I love this ab workout I do this three times a week alongside the 20 minute workout I'm already seeing results I been doing this workout for about 2 months since January and February 2019 now March thanks Lucy xx 😀

  2. I have been following your workouts for a while now. They are really good. My waist size decreased and upper abs are also visible. But I'm still having a problem with reducing the belly pooch. Do you have any workouts specific to this region?

  3. I found this more challenging than i thought, only because my neck/ chest hurt when i was holding my shoulders off the ground, i found it really uncomfortable. i'm probably not doing it right but not sure how to correct it x

  4. Lucy, when I do abs my neck is hurting soooo much. I just have to stop sometimes and do other excercises like squats or your arm workouts because of my neck

  5. Oh myyy. This one was hard. My neck and muscles above my neck hurt. So I had to lay my head on the carpet a few times. More people? Could really feel this one though!!! Good one Lucy!! It burns wow. Seems so easy when you do it

  6. Hey Lucy. Iv just been on a lovely walk out with my mum tonight for an hour as it's such a sunny evening, decided to keep going and do this ab work out, thank you very much for making your videos I find these small workout sessions more achievable than going to the gym. Aimee x

  7. So glad I found this channel! I suffer from low back pain but the one thing that helps the most is keeping my core muscles strong. I tend to get lazy doing the exercises that the therapists give me because they are repetitive and boring. Also take too much time. This is perfect because it's super effective but super short! Thank you! #LucysSquad #AnnaSacconeBroughtMeHere

  8. Ok done that. It was hard. I am very out of condition and have eaten far too many cream teas on holiday. Need to work hard and love your videos. Am going to do one a day for the rest of the school holidays. Thank you.

  9. Done!! I always find the tummy ones so hard but I'm finding them easier each time. Thankyou Lucy for doing these daily videos. You're keeping me motivated 🙂 xx

  10. When I keep my legs straight and near the ground and then lift one before putting it back down and doing the same with the other, my right hipbone always makes a cracking sound while lowering my right leg. It doesn't hurt, it just sounds wrong and scares me so I don't bring that leg down all the way. The cracking is not normal, is it? I've had this for a long time, sometimes my hip, no matter what side, hurts while I walk or feels weird so I lean into it and it makes a cracking sound but stops feeling weird afterwards. Should I get that checked out or is it nothing to worry about? What would you say?

  11. I find my fitbit a great motivation tool, especially when I'm doing competitions, so how about you create a lucys squad fitbit competition, and you get involved to? xxx

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